Terms and Conditions of Use

CODEWEB always respects your privacy, which is why we are committed to protecting your personal information. In this document, the concept of “personal information” includes your name, address, email address, phone number, or any other personal information you provide, or any information about you collected under current laws. We hope this document helps you understand what personal information we will collect and how we will use this information. When you access and use the website (including registering for online services), we understand that you fully agree to the terms of this policy.

  1. Declaration of Use

All the content you view on the website is intended to serve your informational needs and help you choose our services. Therefore, you can use the website without providing any personal information. However, in some cases, when it comes to service registration, we may request that you provide personal information.

  1. Personal Information Provided by You

When you provide the necessary information, we will use it to meet your requests, or we may contact you via mail, email, messaging, or phone calls, or comply with current laws, using the means provided to introduce new products, services, or promotions from CODEWEB. By providing information to us through this website, you understand and consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of the personal information mentioned above for certain purposes specified in this document. You fully agree and consent that the personal information you provide when using the website may be retained at the headquarters or branches of CODEWEB, stored on some existing or unforeseen servers for the purpose of operating and developing the website and CODEWEB services. If you place an order for a product, request a service, or send feedback to the website, we may contact you for additional information necessary for processing or completing your order and/or request. However, we will not provide this information to a third party without your permission, except as required by current law or when necessary to process orders (e.g., dispute resolution, complaints). CODEWEB is committed to protecting your privacy and will not buy or sell your personal information to other companies for promotional purposes.

  1. Providing to Other Entities

With your consent, we may use other entities to provide products or services to you. We may also need to share your personal information with these entities to fulfill your requests. These entities are also not allowed to use your personal information for other purposes, and we require them to comply with security regulations when providing services.

  1. Recording Browser Information

Sometimes, information may be placed on your computer to help us improve the website or enhance the quality of service for you. This information is often referred to as “cookies,” which many websites use. Cookies are pieces of information stored on your hard drive or browser on your computer, not on the website. They allow us to collect some information about your computer, such as IP address, operating system, browser mode, and the addresses of related websites. If you do not want to receive these cookies or want to be notified when they are set, you can configure your browser to do so if your browser supports it. Please note that if you disable cookie reception, you may not be able to access or use some features on the website. We do not intentionally limit your use in this situation; it is only a limitation in programming and website construction.

  1. Security

When designing the website, we may set reasonable commercial rules to prevent unauthorized access and misuse of your personal information that you have provided to CODEWEB through the use of this website. If this website supports online transactions, it will apply a technology standard called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to secure the confidentiality and security of data transmission. Since there are always risks associated with providing personal data, whether directly, by phone, over the Internet, or through other technical means, and no technical system is completely secure or resistant to all hackers and tampering (unauthorized access to information), CODEWEB makes efforts to take appropriate preventive measures for each characteristic of information to prevent and minimize potential risks when you use this website.

  1. Email Information

When you register for a service, your provided email address will be used as a communication tool with you. First, please make sure you provide an email address that is useful to you throughout your use of the service. We may send confidential information via email or receive your support requests. In case you no longer use the provided email, you must notify us of this change. To protect you, CODEWEB may temporarily suspend email requests you have provided if there is suspicion of fraud or abnormal information until we can contact you to confirm.

  1. Adjusting Information Collected

CODEWEB will proactively or at your request supplement, correct, or delete inaccurate, incomplete, or outdated personal information while you are still connected to our activities.

  1. Minors

CODEWEB refuses to serve individuals who are still minors (as determined by local laws where you reside) and are not authorized to purchase or attempt to use legal regulations on this website unless local laws apply or allow.

  1. External Links

This website may contain links to other websites for informational or supplementary purposes. CODEWEB is not responsible for the content or actions of any other website.

  1. Regulation Changes

CODEWEB may change this policy infrequently, including adding, removing part of the content, or temporarily suspending the website without prior notice. However, if this policy is changed in a way that may disadvantage you, CODEWEB will try to notify you of the changes via the email you provided or directly on the homepage.